What Makes a Kitchen Renovation or a Bathroom Renovation Successful?

A truly successful renovation implements thoughtful design and works closely to the owner’s personality. That’s the easy answer. The harder answer is that a successful kitchen or bathroom renovation depends on a number of factors, including the skill and expertise of the renovation specialist. The best ideas can fall flat and end up as expensive complications if they are not executed by a professional staff. The same can be said if communication is not encouraged between renovator and contractor.

This makes having design specialists, careful contractors, and a proven excellence in customer service a must. Black Walnut Kitchen and Bath employs innovative personalities that lend their own experienced vision to your fantasy of the perfect kitchen renovation and/or bathroom renovation. Your project is the main focus from the moment pen touches paper and we don’t lose that focus until the very last light is switched on. We’re a one-remodel-at-a-time kind of company.

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