Ottawa Accessible Bathroom Renovations

Our custom renovated bathrooms are a complete package - we gut and redo everything that makes up your bathroom to create a long-lasting renovation. We deal with a variety of bathroom sizes and styles, including accessible design. 

There are many different aspects to a home that can make it accessible. Some individuals on the Autism Spectrum have sensitivities that need to be considered to create a calming and comfortable atmosphere. We're able to take that into account for your bathrooom renovation and provide much-needed components that still emit style and grace. 

We're more than proud to serve the Autistic community!

SAD Lighting

Seasonal Affective Disorder can be tricky to combat, especially when it comes to decorating and design. Since light therapy is part of treatment fo SAD, we can install the appropriate lighting in your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Sensory Lighting

For those on the Autism Spectrum who experience sensory overload, we can work with you to figure out the best type of lighting for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.


Also an issue with sensory overload, acoustics can be important for health and well-being when on the spectrum. We work closely with you to figure out the best way to muffle and/or manipulate sounds in your favour.
Ottawa Accessible Design Lighting
See our Harmony Bathroom Renovation for some ideas on Accesible Design. We're able to provide exactly what you require to create a stylish, safe atmosphere that fits your needs.