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Part of creating an amazing kitchen renovation, or a stunning bathroom renovation, is understanding your budget and what it means for your parameters. Even without a large, impressive budget you can bring a fantasy remodel to life - it just takes having everything mapped out and knowing your limitations.

Of course, the bigger your budget the more customized you can get, but we've had plenty of clients with modest budgets make a truly gorgeous renovation happen. We are able to create life-long renovations within your budget that always utilize quality materials and personal touches.

Below is a better break-down of pricing and how previous projects have turned out with budgets. And below that is our Design Builder in case you're ready to get started.

Additional Renovation Charges

Unfortunately, there is no way to foresee every problem that may occur in a renovation. While we will make every effort to fish out problem areas ahead of time, please remember that we can't correct what we can't see. We absolutely cannot continue a renovation that has these elements and they will have to be dealt with before we resume the project. There will be additional costs added on to the bill for these situations:

Rotten subfloors
Extra or higher cost upgrades not previously discussed
Any type of unforeseen rot or damage that involves removing or replacing structures
Structural damage in general
Our renovation budgets calculate everything that will go into your remodel so that you don't have to. Some extras may apply and will be billed accordingly with your knowledge.

Kitchen Renovations

We have Basic, Mid-Level and Premium Kitchen Renovations

Basic Kitchens: Up to $30,000

Best For...
People who are renovating rental apartments, very small kitchens, and people who want a short-term upgrade.
Depends on Customization
Our basic kitchens start in the low thousands and go up depending on your preferred level of customization. As we walk with you every step of the way, we'll adjust the budgets and make sure nothing goes unnoticed.
Quality Materials for Your Budget
IKEA cabinets are attractive and reliable, and so they make excellent choices for more modest budgets. We go over every aspect of te budget and choose the best in each category (with your help and direction) that suits your style and personality and fits into your budget. Our goal is to navigate your budget in the best way possible.

Mid-Level Kitchens $30,000 and up

Extraordinary Finishes and Accents
Our mid-level kitchen renovations utilize quality and fun finishes such as lighting, flooring, backsplashes, and custom cabinet hardware.
Semi-Custom IKEA Cabinetry
These designs include our expertly crafted custom door and drawer fronts designed to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets frames, creating a semi-custom look with a totally custom feel.
All About Personality
The mid-level selection creates a more personal feel with a wider variety of choices in accents and finishes. We work with you every step of the way to create a kitchen that not only feels like home, but IS home.
kitchen renovation ottawa
ottawa kitchen renovations

Premium Kitchens - $60,000 and up

Starting in the $60,000's
The Premium Kitchen Renovation option starts out in the low $60,000's and goes up based on product and material choices.
Fully Customized Cabinetry
With this option we are able to provide fully-customized kitchen cabinetry made by our trusted sources. We also provide alluring accents and the top quality materials available. Customized IKEA cabinetry is also an option.

Built For Forever
Our Premium Kitchen Renovation option keeps in mind that you've chosen your forever home and are in it for the long-haul. Every choice is made with this in mind, and we work with you to build a renovation that will stand by you through and through.

Bathroom Renovations

We have excellent bathroom renovation choices as well as accessible options.
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General Bathroom Features

Starting at $15,000
Our bathroom renovations start in the low $15,000's and increase in price depending on fixture choices, unforseen events and features chosen.
Quality Ingredients
Some of the many options to go over will be plumbing, accents, flooring, vanity (we love designing beautiful vanities) and wall tiles. We make sure everything is covered and addressed in the budget.
Complete Bathroom Renovation
We completely redo your bathroom including but not limited to removal of drywall on the walls and ceiling, installation of water resistant drywall, removal and replacement of subfloor, installation of tile backer board and many other items in order to get the space ready for the new fixtures.

No worries! This is all in the budget.

Mobility With Dignity

We believe in Accessible Design. Our Mobility With Dignity options include many bathroom renovatin features that take mobility issues into account.

- Grab Bars
- Shower Seats
- SAD Lighting Fixtures
- Heated Flooring
- Attractive Rails, Handles, and Accessible Storage

See our Mobility With Dignity page for more information.
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We are dedicated to bringing out the best in your renovation budget - that means quality materials at any price and a beautiful outcome. Other than unforseeable events or problems, we stick to the budget and bring up any alternatives and suggestions before they are implemented. It's our absolute goal to make your Ottawa renovation a personal accomplishment that will stick with you for life.

Please contact us for any questions - we'd love to meet you for a free design consultation (right at home where you feel most comfortable).