Tips to Make That Small Room Look Bigger


Pro Designer Tips to Make That Small Room Seem Bigger


Have you recently downsized your home? Or maybe you purchased your first condo, or you prefer to minimize your footprint by living in a small space. Whatever the reason, smaller homes are a great solution for many people. The trouble begins when trying to decorate the smaller sized rooms without making them seem even smaller and, dare we say, claustrophobic? Here are the top designer tips to keeping your smaller rooms open and inviting:


Paint: When choosing the colour for your walls, choose light colours. Paler colours tend to open a space up, while dark walls have the visual effect of shrinking the space. Cool colours also make a space appear larger. A beautiful effect can be created using blues, greys and whites.


Ceilings: To maximize the height of your room, paint the ceilings in a flat white. This will give the effect of higher ceilings and more light, both of which tend to make a room look and feel larger.


Modern Retro


The Pros and Cons of the Modern Retro Style


The modern retro style is the latest trend making waves in the design world. At some point, all of the old styles have a tendency to come back in fashion again. It happens all the time. And it’s happening again right now with a twist.


As an example, modern retro design is definitely back in style right now. And we will take a thorough look at the pros and cons after we spend a moment or two reviewing what this emerging trend is all about.

Sound good? Let’s get to it.


Jamie Oliver

What would a chef like Jamie Oliver look for in a kitchen

Jamie Oliver is a practical chef who loves nothing more than preparing a home cooked dinner for family and friends. He uses plenty of fresh, healthy ingredients, capitalizing on produce in season and making use of varied spices and cooking techniques to ensure dishes are flavourful, interesting and varied. His kitchen design would need to reflect his love of freshness and variety. Here are the 7 must haves for a kitchen to cook like Jamie.

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SAD and Light Therapy

What is SAD?


There have been countless studies done on depression and it’s effects on the mind and body. The many different types of depression reveal themselves in different ways for different people, and (even with all the studies) it is sometimes impossible to avoid the emotions that take over.

For some people, seasons and weather play a huge part in overall mood and life satisfaction. A bad or long Winter or a cloudy Fall can turn into a mixture of terrible moods and hard to express feelings of sadness. For people living in parts of the world that see less sun and less variations of weather, for instance, life can start to feel dreary and hopeless. It’s true that a bit of sun can go a long way, but sometimes a bit of sun just isn’t possible.

Design In The Details

Designing a beautiful home doesn't have to be hard. It’s all in the details.


When you really think about it, excellent decoration can truly transform a home. A small splash of colour can turn a bland, boring bedroom into a hidden writer’s cove. Choosing the right light, the right drapes, even the right flower, can improve the quality of a room that was once too ordinary for words. We’re not sure what it is about small details that can make a room, but we implement plenty of small details to create massive change in our designs all the time.

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